I love writing this blog, and hosting interviews with people, who I believe, are some of the greatest Jesus following thinkers of our day. But it takes many hours and a few expenses to sustain. As some of you know, this is not yet my full-time job, so for now to support my family I work at least 40 hours before I ever get to post an article or host a podcast. To keep this up and not sacrifice reasonable time with my family means it’s subsidized by the generous support of listeners and readers like you: directly, through donations, and indirectly, whenever you buy a book on Amazon, or a domain from BlueHost using the links on this site, which sends me a small percentage of its price.I’ve said it before on my podcast, I’m not sure the best way to go about this, so I’ll just be honest. If you support this blog & podcast, you won’t be healed of any disease and it will not directly cause you to live “your best life now.”However, if you get anything significant out of what’s produced here, please consider a modest donation — however much you can afford, it’s appreciated more than you can know.

There are two options: You can become a regular supporter at and receive rewards for your contributions, or if you’d like to do a one-time contribution you can click the button below.

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  1. Wish I could afford to support. However, as a disabled/ early retired after 30 years clergy, I can’t even afford to have good enough internet service to hear the podcast! I found out about you via Morgan G. I wish I was able to have done something like this years ago! Keep on writing, keep on podcasting, and we’ll keep on getting the word out there.