Seminary Dropout 80: Romal Tune & Tony Kriz, LIVE from The Faith & Culture Writers Conference


Since growing up in the trauma of poverty, violence, and the inner-city landscapes void of opportunity, Romal Tune has triumphed to the heights of a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Howard University and Duke University School of Divinity, an ordained minister, and the author of an Award-Winning Book entitled, “God’s Graffiti”. Romal not only asks the question of WHY for many of the broken systems and structures in our world- education, poverty, community engagement, and more– he is also answering the HOW question, empowering others to create solutions and responses, currently in four continents around the world.

In “God’s Graffiti” Romal uses people in the Bible to tell his own story and reveal how he overcame adversity and setback along the way.


If you’ve followed Seminary Dropout for a long time then you probably already know who Tony Kriz is. Tony teaches in colleges and universities around the country on topics of authentic faith, spiritual formation, cultural integration, cross-spiritual communication, and sacred friendship.

Tony’s new book “Aloof” deals with an issue that all Christians face but few talk about, the fact that God often seems distant and silent. Tony uses his own stories to explore what it means to follow a God who at times feels aloof.


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