Seminary Dropout 71: Natasha Sistrunk Robinson on Jesus, Leadership, and Race


Natasha Sistrunk Robinson is a leader, speaker, writer, and anti-human trafficking advocate.

Natasha has studied education in racial reconciliation, prayer and fasting, and biblical justice.

She love’s passionately serving God and his people, bringing Him glory, and pursuing His kingdom work by sharing and living as she puts it ‘in the redemptive power of the cross’. In addition to being a wife and the mother, she’s dedicated her adult life to equipping, nurturing, and empowering a generation of leaders, mentoring and teaching women; and promoting education while serving and uplifting her community.

In this episode we learn:

-about Natasha’s background and her relationship with Jesus when she was young.
-what inspired her to start writing a blog and what made her connect with god at that point.
-what’s the difference between leadership in church versus the secular environment.
-what does Natasha think about church adopting leadership models from business world.
-what perspective on leadership Natasha has as a women of color.
-how Natasha got involved in the cause of anti-human trafficking.
-what role mentoring plays in her life.
-about her new book.
-what is it about her that has struck a cord with people.

Natasha will be a presenter at the upcoming Missio Alliance event Being Truly Human: Re-imagining the Resurrectional Life.

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