Seminary Dropout 34: Eddie Byun talking Human Trafficking & What the Church Can Do

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eddieIn November 2010 Pastor Eddie Byun was given a copy of David Batstone’s Not for Sale. Eddie devoured the book and quickly became shocked and outraged about the injustice that was human trafficking. Since then Eddie and his church, Onnuri English Ministry have been working in various ways to combat human trafficking both in their homeland of South Korea and around the world.

In his book Justice Awakening: How You and Your Church Can Help End Human Trafficking
Byun writes justiceabout what his church has done to combat human trafficking. Recognizing that the root of human trafficking is a spiritual issue fueled by greed and lust, and the church must treat it as a spiritual issue, fighting with prayer, awareness, and love.

Here are just a few resources mentioned in the book:

For a series of sermons on human trafficking and justice, visit Eddie’s website,

Some organizations:


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