Seminary Dropout 70: Donald Miller


Odds are if you identify yourself any kind of follower of Christ and your around my age, you’ve read at least one book by Donald Miller. In 2003 Don released Blue Like Jazz, and it quickly became a modern classic. Even though Don is around 10 years older than me, I remember thinking it was the first book I read that felt like it was written by someone from my generation. He spoke our language. Several of Don’s books have been released since then and there’s not a bad one in the bunch.

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Scary Close is Don’s first book in five years, and I can testify that it was worth the wait. In the book Don tackles some inner demons after realizing that if he wants to have a healthy marriage after years of unhealthy hot and cold relationships, he’ll have to be real with himself and others.

In todays episode we will learn:
-How Don´s new book was inspired by unhealthy relationships with women.
-How he leaned to be closer to people in a healthy & positive way.
-How marriage lets us be vulnerable in a safe way and get us closer to our partner.
-Why it’s hard to be vulnerable in todays day of age with the dominance of social media.
-Donald experience with emotional rehab (Onsite).
-How are experiences in out childhood can effect our adult life.
-How we use humor to mask our vulnerability and feeling of inadequacy.
-How can honesty about our flaws help us raise happy and healthy children.


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