Seminary Dropout 001: Welcome to the Podcast & Interview with Tony Kriz






Welcome to the first ever episode of Seminary Dropout.

In the first episode you’ll hear a short intro to the podcast and then it’s on to the interview.

My guest is Tony Kriz. Some of you may know Tony from Donald Miller’s “Blue Like Jazz” as Tony “The Beat Poet.” Now Tony has his own insightful, fun, and enlightening book and he joins me on the show to talk about it.

You can find Tony at, and you can follow him on twitter at @tonykriz.

I hope you enjoy the podcast. It will take a couple of days for the podcast to appear on iTunes, but when it does be sure to give it a review and a 5 star rating if you enjoyed it.

If you have any comments or questions, for me or Tony, leave them in the comments section. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tony stops by the address the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Seminary Dropout 001: Welcome to the Podcast & Interview with Tony Kriz

  1. As I mentioned on Twitter last week, the diversity of ideology represented in your podcast without judgement is refreshing.  Over the past several years, my charismatic and somewhat fundamentalist faith has been deconstructed and as I piece it back together, I have been wary of falling into lockstep with another faith group. I am skeptical of the unskeptical if that makes sense.
    My intention has been to blog through this journey of renewed faith, but I find that my thinking has not been cohesive enough to be useful. As I have picked through your interviews, I feel that I am gaining some balance. Yesterday I went back to your first podcast and was struck by a quote that I think may help me as I begin to work my way back to engaging others.
    “Two Team World View – Christians vs everyone else – The world is full of clients not friends”

    As a guy that grew up consumed by sports, it was easy to fall into the us vs them mentality when I became a Christian 33 years ago.  It did not take me long to begin feel uneasy about it, but it seemed to be the way “mature” believers interpreted scripture, so who was I to rock the boat.  The more I pressed into Jesus the farther I seemed to get from my brothers & sister in Christ.

    A year ago I left the charismatic church where I raised my children and settled in a liturgical church (Anglican) where the Gospels took center stage.  It became evident as scripture was viewed through the eyes of Jesus that His intent was for us to be a part of restoring what was lost and not to be identifying the lost. 
    So as I reach out into my world … I will reach out to my friends and not my clients.
    Keep up the good work.  I will continue to bring your old podcast to the surface on FB & Twitter.  It isn’t much help since I don’t have many followers, but I have to start somewhere.

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