Seminary Dropout 48: Author of ‘The Shack’, WM Paul Young

WM paul youngMy guest today is WM Paul Young. Paul grew up as the son a missionaries in what is now West Papua. There he experienced trauma at the hands of the indigenous people, as well as his own family. Paul grew up and worked various jobs, some in ministry, and some outside. Some point along the way he began keeping secrets from everyone around him including his wife and children. When his secrets came to light he was forced to deal with his hidden life, as well as the trauma he faced when he was younger.


The entire experience gave Paul unique lens through which to view the gospel. You may have heard the story – his wife eventually asked him to put into words who God was to him for his children, friends, and family. He wrote The Shack, and made 15 copies at an Office Depot. The copies eventually made their way into the hands of people who would be passionate about publishing it. Like I said, you may have heard that part already. What you haven’t heard is what we discuss on this episode on Seminary Dropout…


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