Veiled Judgement

judgementIt seems that God is so opposed to sin because it goes against his nature, and implicit in that, is that the sin is harmful to the human soul and psyche made in the image of God, and this grieves God, because he loves us so.

Why then should it be any different for us?

“Don’t judge me” is the common cry of the person being called out on their sin. I always saw that as a cop-out, but maybe it’s not.

So many times when the crowd of Christianity points out the sin of others, it’s to say “See! They’re bad. We’re good.”

This isn’t just recognizing sin, it’s veiled judgement, the kind reserved only for God. When we take judgement upon ourselves we’re telling God that we can do a better job.

This past week in my town, pro-life protesters sang Amazing Grace. In response, pro-choice protesters yelled “Hail Satan.” And Christians took to social media to let the world know the story.

The message was clear, “They’re bad. We’re good.”

I wonder how things would be different if the message matched the heart of God.

If the instead the message was “this thing you’re hanging onto is bad for you, and we love you and want good things for you,” and if we earned the right to speak into someone’s life first, before pointing out what’s weighing them down.

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