Top 3 Posts of 2014

austin fischer3.) Seminary Dropout 029: Austin Fischer… Young, Restless, No Longer Reformed

Podcast episodes generally don’t attract as much views as a blog post (mostly because they are generally consumed directly from iTunes, Stitcher, etc.), so it’s big feat for one to become the 3rd most viewed post. Obviously the Calvinist/Arminian topic is still a hot one, and Austin adds a wonderful contribution to that conversation.



foster care

2.) 5 Lessons Learned through Foster Care to Adoption

It doesn’t hurt my feelings a bit that the second most popular post in 2014 was a guest post. It’s well deserved. My friend and fellow blogger Kenneth Camp shares what he’s learned in his experience of foster care and adoption.


1.) 5 Ways To Be Unsatisfied With Your Church

This was actually posted in 2013 but some other publications picked it up and it’s become by far my most read post. I’m curious what your thoughts are on what’s happening in churches that made this the top post – was it anger, agreement, or something else?