Top 10 Things of 2012

Are you ready for the strangest top 10 list you’ve read so far? Here it is my top 10 of 2012!

10. Batman
Did you think this was going to be an overly spiritual list? Thought this was going to be full of prayer books and wwjd bracelets (I’m behind on my Christian pop culture)? Think again.

The Dark Knight Rises was just ok, but I’m talking about the comic. Since the relaunch (if you don’t know, then don’t worry about it), Batman has had a solid story line.


9. Coffee
Still holding strong in my heart, Coffee you’re a swell fella. You wake me up and sometimes make me a bit jittery, but I still love you old friend.

8. Breaking Bad, Mad Men, & 30 Rock
A 3 way tie. Here’s a spoiler free rundown: Can you believe Walter White did that thing to that person?! I know right!

Did you get used to Don being a mostly stand-up guy during this last season? Afraid it’s not going to last? Yeah, me too.

Sad that it’s almost the end of the funniest show still airing?  Yeah, me too.

7. NT Wright videos on youtube
Oh seriously they’re the best. Want some wisdom but can’t read an entire book during your lunch break. Go to youtube, search NT Wright and absorb.

6. Mr. Rogers & Me
What a find. I have a feeling that this is a mostly undiscovered gem.
For those like myself who grew up with Mr. Rogers this is a must see. The stories here are unbelievable  Mr. Rogers was truly the same guy we say on TV every weekday. It was great to learn a little more about Rogers spirituality too. I cry about arthritis once a year (slight exaggeration , and this was my one.


5. Beard Shampoo
Hat’s off to you beard shampoo. While the other gents are using the stuff meant for hair on top of their heads, you were made just for the ole face broom (just made up the term: face broom©).

4. This photo of me throwing a water balloon at Kate, with no commentary.


I don’t know when Greg Boyd sleeps, but when he’s awake he and his team are producing wonderful content on this site.

2. Neighbors & Wise Men
Tony (the beat poet) Kriz, has published this wonderful work. Full of stories that will make you laugh and cry, sometimes on the same page. I haven’t had this much fun reading a book in a long time.


1. You! 
Cop out? Nah, this year I’ve had the most fun time interacting with you both here on the blog, facebook, twitter, and itunes.
I’m excited about what the new year will bring. One major change will be a revamp of the blog. A new theme will bring with it a new look and feel that will be more intuitive and make it easier for you to interact here.
I plan on having more guest blogs as well. If you’re interested in guest blogging feel free to email me your post. The only guidelines are to have approximately the same tone and length as the previous posts on the blog.
I can’t make any promises but I’m working on getting some BIG names on Seminary Dropout. As always feel free to email me with suggestions for guests.
Thanks again for a wonderful year and I look forward to the next one!


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