They Don’t Care Who I’m Voting For.

A number of years ago, my church sponsored a Compassion Sunday and encouraged us to sponsor children through Compassion International. Since then I’ve followed the amazing work of Compassion, so when I learned that CI was asking bloggers to participate in their blog month, I was eager to jump on board. For this month, along with my normal posts, I’ll be posting based on specific assignments given to me by Compassion. 



Meet Supriya & Vilson. Supriya is from India and Vilson is from Haiti. From what I can gather, Supriya & Vilson don’t care who I’m voting for. In all of the letters they’ve written Kate and me throughout the years, they’ve never inquired about our political opinions. Not once have they asked what we thought about Obama’s tax policy or Romney’s stance on immigration. My only conclusion is that they just don’t care, they’re concerned about more important things, things that most American kids their age don’t ever think about.

What they do ask about is our personal lives. They want to know how our vacation was, how our new jobs are working out and what’s going on with our extended family. It’s not all questions, they also tell us what’s going on in their lives, their hopes and interests. For instance Supriya wants to be a doctor, has for years, and she get very good grades. Vilson likes sports and games, and has a sister that he’s very close to.

They also thank us quite often, and almost every time they write, they tell us they are praying for us. We’ve grown to love these kids, and someday I hope we are lucky enough to meet them in person.

I’ll be talking more about Supriya & Vilson as the month goes on, but in the meantime, please take a minute to visit Compassion by clicking on the picture below. Just go there; you’re not agreeing to sponsor a child, just see what’s there, pray for them, think on them.