Seminary Dropout 46: ‘Slow Church’ Authors Chris Smith & John Pattison

Chris-Smithjohn pattison
As it says on the back cover of ‘Slow Church’:

Chris Smith & John Pattison invite us out of franchise faith and back into the kingdom of God, where people know each other well and love one another as Christ loved the church.

Some things we discuss on the show…

  • the McDonaldization of the church and what it’s doing to us
  • some dangerous ramifications of the church growth movements
  • why efficiency in the church may not be a good thing




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4 thoughts on “Seminary Dropout 46: ‘Slow Church’ Authors Chris Smith & John Pattison

  1. I don’t get to listen often to the podcast but I HAD to listen to this one. It was great. Speaks deeply to yearning, movement, and wandering in my soul. I really liked the Eugene Peterson quote at the end. If only it was that easy. Or maybe it is? What I run into is finding a Sunday gathering I like but it never really fleshing out in the real life like I imagine. I have so many great friends that I live life with…but we just don’t go to the same church…does that matter?  How does it all work? Just don’t know!

  2. mylife4hisglory Thanks for listening Melissa! You probably know I have some of the EXACT same struggles. All I know to say is let’s keep wrestling with it and not accept that things have to be the way they always have been.

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