Seminary Dropout 003: Tony Campolo

In the 3rd installment of Seminary Dropout I interview a hero of mine – Tony Campolo. Listen to me babble through the intro while trying to tell Tony what his work has meant to me and then hear him eloquently talk about the election, current events, and most of all his new book “Red Letter Revolution,” that he wrote with Shane Claiborne, who will be on the show in the near future.

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6 thoughts on “Seminary Dropout 003: Tony Campolo

  1. Thanks for this one, Shane and Tony! “When He says, ‘Love your enemy.’ He probably means we shouldn’t kill them.”  I love this one. I hope that Shane Claiborne will be on the show soon. I’m going to add Red Letter Revolutions to my wish list.I really like the part where Tony talks about the election issues and how they really shouldn’t be the main issues. I’ve been thinking that gay marriage and abortion are mainly used to steal attention from issues that can really change things for the better, but would take too much time, money, or whatever to fix. It’s easier to worry about abortion than it is to give up the things that we really want, like our false security, and all of our stuff that we could be giving food and shelter to the impoverished.

    • @RJ Barnett Wasn’t he great! My interview with Shane Claiborne is already recorded and ready to go so look for it in the next few months.

  2. Really awesome interview! I am so grateful that there are Christians who don’t march to the little ideological drummer that the Republican party seems to think we have to follow in order to be “good Christians.” Using our brains and hearts and reading the word, really reading it, means we don’t just lock step with people who talk a good game.

    • @BarbaraMackBlackburn Yes, Tony has been a huge influence on me in this area. He gave a voice to thoughts and feelings I had been having for a long time.

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