Seminary Dropout 113: Sean Palmer On Being the Black Pastor of a Predominantly White Church, Politics, and Blogging



Sean is a minister, sought-after preacher, writer, and blogger. He is the Lead Minister at The Vine Church in Temple, TX, and a blogger at The Palmer Perspective. His writings have appeared in numerous magazines and publications. In 2012, Sean was profiled in Christian Standard Magazine’s “40 Leaders Under 40” issue. He and his wife have two wonderful daughters live in Temple.

From the interview:

They talk about Republican In Name Only, being RHINO’s, we might have CHINO’s (Christians In Name Only) because what they really are, are Republicans who have baptized some parts of the Jesus narrative with their politics, and that happens on the other end too. There are liberals that have just taken parts of the Jesus narrative and said “this fits my liberal politics and so I’m going to do that,” and both of them sell out the gospel in some really distressing ways.

-growing up in the Church of Christ.

-Sean’s home life growing up.

-having others shrug off spiritual convictions as being a liberal or conservative.

-the book Sean’s working on “Unarmed Empire”.


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