Seminary Dropout 009: Sam Myrick

Welcome to episode 9!

Today’s guest is Sam Myrick.


Sam serves as Pastor of Mosaic Church in Austin. Mosaic is a community of believers and seekers with diverse backgrounds and personalities drawn together by the grace and love of Jesus.

On the podcast Sam and I discuss the idea of Sabbath as well as Pedro The Lion’s Control album. If you’re a fan of Sabbath or Indie Rock music from the earlier aughties then this episode is for you!

You can hear Sam’s sermons here on iTunes, and find out more about Mosaic at

I apologize for the poor sound quality. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was actually recording this interview through the microphone on my laptop which obviously doesn’t provide the best sound quality, but the things Sam had to say were good enough to publish it anyway.


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3 thoughts on “Seminary Dropout 009: Sam Myrick

  1. I listened to the podcast this morning – and you’re right, the audio was terrible. It was still worth the listen though. Thanks. I am very interested in what Sam was saying about Sabbath. I’m a reader and would like a book recommendation on this subject from either you or Sam.

    • @KevinStratton Hey Kevin. Shane told me there’d been a question posted over here, so I’m here to try to help. I’m sure there are lots of great books on sabbath I don’t even know of yet. In many ways I still feel like a beginner on this journey. But the 2 books that have influenced me the most so far on the topic are the times Eugene Peterson talks about the practice in his memoir THE PASTOR, and Dan Allender’s SABBATH. Thanks for listening, and for the question.

      • Thanks, Sam. I do remember now you mentioning the Eugen Peterson memoir in the interview. I will put these on my Goodreads TO READ list.

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