Seminary Dropout 004: Roger Olson

On this episode of Seminary Dropout I’m joined with Dr. Roger Olson. Dr. Olson is a professor of theology at George W. Truett Theological Seminary of Baylor University in Waco, Texas. He has written several books on theology and specifically Arminianism. Theology nerds are going to love this episode (this is the ‘Seminary’ part of the show), but if you’re not a theology nerd, don’t let this scare you, Dr. Olson is entertaining and speaks in a way that is easily understood by us regular Joes (the ‘Dropout’ pharmacy part).

You can (and should) read Dr. Olson’s blog at His books can be found wherever books are sold.

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4 thoughts on “Seminary Dropout 004: Roger Olson

  1. I think this is my favorite episode so far. I really liked Olson’s statement that he thinks congregations should be either Calvinist or Arminian, and not try to avoid the subject. Theological depth is much harder to attain in a church where the leadership won’t take a stand on such a foundational issue.

    • @chaseroden I like that statement too. It can seem like a harsh line to draw, but like you said the alternative is dancing around the subject, or relying on some folk religion theology. So much of the way we viewed God stems from our stance on this issue, if we avoid it then we also avoid a myriad of other issues that people need their pastors to speak to (suffering etc.). I will say it can be taken too far. I’ve heard pastors who preach every sermon about predestination and even though I haven’t heard it I’m sure there are Arminiast pastors who do the same.

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