My Next Interview (Hint: It’s With Richard Foster)

You may have seen my tweet yesterday…



The next interview I’ll be conducting is with non other than….






Richard Foster

Dr. Foster has written several books including one that has probably had more influence on my (and many others) spiritual life than any other book…

celebration of discipline


…plus many others that have had a great impact on me, but we’ll talk about those later.

Dr. Foster has been generous enough to agree to an interview and obviously I’m a little excited. This is where you come in…

Do you have a question for Dr. Foster?

If you do, leave it in the comment section or send it to me in an email if you’d rather. 

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11 thoughts on “My Next Interview (Hint: It’s With Richard Foster)

  1. I’d love to hear any advice on participating/encouraging/discouraging community fasting. Our little church has so much diversity in our backgrounds and experiences that many perceptions of the practice evoke fear, discouragement, judgement. But for others, prayer and fasting is the very heart of God. How might we begin reconciling this, instead of plowing through with one way or the other? For example, some see Scot McKnight’s views of fasting, as  a response to a critical situation (like Esther), as the only way, but not as a practice built into our spiritual journeys. Creates diverse disciple-making, but sure is frustrating when it comes to fostering a unified spirit. Make sense? Thanks.

    • @rockmesteady Thanks. I thought about texting you to tell you, but not being a reader, I didn’t know if that would mean anything to you. You should submit a question.

      • @beardonabike  @rockmesteady not being a big reader and not caring about Richard Foster are two completely different things.  seems like a daunting task to ask one questions to Richard Foster…are you going to be talking about Celebration of Discipline quite a bit or other topics?

  2. ok, I thought of one.  Pertaining to disciplines.  How does does one who struggles with being a disciplined person become one?  (other than just “being more disciplined”)  Is there a way to overcome that hump or make that transition in a more effective and sustainable way.  Will power and dedication seem to only take many people so far before they fade out or fall away.  How can one become something they want to be, but are not inherently?

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