Modesty & Responses to Responses.

I just wanted to call everyone’s attention to Emily Maynard’s response to my response.

If you’re not keeping up, Emily first published this post, I responded to it here, and today she responded here.

Our responses to responses could go on forever, but for me at least, I’m probably coming to the end of what I can convey well through this medium.

I will say, that I could have done a better job in my response of making a point to say that men owe the same thing to women, and acknowledge that there are women struggling with lust & pornography as well.

I’m not going to lie, hearing Emily say that my post sounded a lot like Rape Culture and sexism, hurts.

I suppose the sum of my original argument was meant to be that things (in this case the human body) can be good, unequivocally good, and yet aren’t meant for everyone. This includes the male body as well. Mine body, in its entirety, belongs only to my wife.
Can someone believe that without contributing to rape culture & sexism. I think so.

Still, if I’m wrong, I’m praying earnestly that God will convict me. I would never want to contribute something so vile, and insidious that denies the image of God in someone.

I’m thankful for Emily and her words. To be clear I don’t see myself and the counter-voice to her words, on this issue or any other. In fact I mostly find myself cheering on her blogs and tweets. So for that and this conversation, thank you Emily.

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