Seminary Dropout 87: Matt Jones

Matt Jones

Matt Jones blogs on a general range of topics including theology, literature, sexuality, cultural observation, and social justice at He is also a contributor at

In the interview Matt talks about his own journey of being a gay celibate Christian, and how the church can love people in the LBGTQ community better.

Some books that Matt mentions are:

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Matt also mentioned Preston Sprinkle’s blog as a great resource.



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3 thoughts on “Seminary Dropout 87: Matt Jones

  1. Thank you Shane and Matt! I’ve been following this dialogue on LGBTQ/SSA for about 4 years now. I watched Julie Rodgers’ Q Commons talk, and listened to your personal journey in celibacy, and my eyes were opened to the amazing possibilities of fostering celibacy as a lifestyle in the Church. What an amazing expression of the diverse love of God!
    My understanding of Scripture is that marriage was always a reflection of the unified, diverse, intimate love among the Trinity. Marriage is a unique, set-apart expression of that, but so is the love between friends, family members, and every other relationship God designed and sanctified. Friendship is not taken seriously in our culture, and I think because of that, marriages experience way too much pressure to be this all-fulfilling relationship… and non-marrieds all feel this pressure to look to marriage in the same way. How would the world be different — and how much more would we resemble an Acts 2 church — if the Church truly acted like a spiritual family, loving every person as their own blood? Did not the blood of Christ already unite us all by covenant in an unconditional commitment of love to one other? 
    I have considered (and still often consider!) celibacy personally. I don’t know what my future holds. But regardless of the state I’m in at any point in my life… I want to make sure celibacy is an option for people in the church, and that neither the married person nor the same-sex attracted person nor anyone else is left feeling isolated, unknown, de-valued, or anything less than whole. By the grace of God, I will not only set this example with my life, but exhort believers, ministries, and local churches to do so in whatever capacity God gives me.

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