Seminary Dropout 018: Matt Appling



Matt Appling joins me this week to talk about his new book Life After Art. Matt is an art teacher & pastor in Kansas City, Missouri.

In the interview we talk about…



…that terrifyilife-after-artng time in gym class


“Everyone was an artist, once. But somewhere between kindergarten and now, we lost the confidence to create. We’ve crumbled under the pressure to find our place in the “real, grown-up” world and now see the art room as a happy memory with no real value.
Yet If we travel back to our sears in the art room, art teacher Matt Appling reminds us of lessons we’ve forgotten, the joy of creating, and the freedom we had to succeed or fail. We can relearn these lessons and productive them to lead the contented, joy-filled, and productive lives that God created to live.” -From the back cover of Life After Art

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