List of Seminary Dropout Guests

After taking suggestions for Seminary Dropout guests in my previous post, it became apparent that there were some interviews that people would love to hear but simply didn’t know that had already been interviewed on the show. So I decided to make a list of Seminary Dropout guests.

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In chronological order…

1. Tony Kriz

2. Mary Demuth

3. Tony Campolo

4. Roger Olson

5. Katelyn Beaty

6. Shane Claiborne

7. Grace Biskie

8. JR Woodward

9.  Sam Myrick

10. Jeremy Courtney

11. Richard Foster

12. Derek Webb

13. Lacy Finn Borgo

14. Jonathan Martin

15. Rhett Smith

16. Jeff Goins

17. Jamie Wright

18. Matt Appling

19. Scot McKnight

20. Cliff Ravenscraft

21. Dave Fitch & Geoff Holsclaw

22. Philip Yancey