Seminary Dropout 75: Leroy Barber, Author of Red, Brown, Yellow, Black, White—Who’s More Precious In God’s Sight?

Just FYI, you’ll notice that I’m a little hoarse in this episode. It’s worth it though.

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Leroy Barber is the Executive Director of Word Made Flesh Ministries, and former president of Mission Year and of Focus Community Strategies (FCS) Urban Ministries. He is the author of two previous books, New Neighbor and Everyday Missions. He lives in Portland, Oregon.


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You don’t have to have been Christian for very long before you become apart of some sort of mission. Most of us have experienced short-term missions, worked at a church sponsored food pantry, or maybe even went over seas with an organization. The reality is that far to many of the leadership of the organizations that take on such endeavors are overwhelmingly white, from the board of directors to the executive director. How does this happen to a people who are called by an all loving, boundary-breaking God, and what are the consequences when the people who supposedly benefit from the mission of these organizations come from vastly different backgrounds than those who are providing the services? These are the questions Leroy takes on in Red, Brown, Yellow, Black, White—Who’s More Precious In God’s Sight?.

In the interview we discuss…

…the push back Leroy experienced as a person of color working in the Christian non-profit cholesterol lowering realm.

…the changes made to make the non-profit DOOR more diverse.

…missionary invaders.

…the Rooney rule in the NFL is and how that relates to Christian Mission Agencies.

…how many Christian non-profits have workers raising their own support, and what’s wrong with that model.

…how ministries can be contextual to the poor.


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