Seminary Dropout 56: Kate Wallace of The Junia Project

kwKate Wallace is a co-founder of The Junia Project, Operations Manager for the Wesleyan Holiness Consortium, coordinator for the WHC Freedom Network, and an adjunct professor in political science. She is a committed Christian and millennial feminist who enjoys writing and speaking on the intersection of politics, religion, and gender. Her favorite theologian is Gilbert Bilezikian, and she loves chocolate, dogs, hiking, J.K Rowling, theatre, and political theory. She holds a Master of Science from the London School of Economics and a Bachelor of Arts from Azusa Pacific University.


The Junia Project is a community of women and men advocating for the inclusion of women at all levels of leadership in the Christian church and for mutuality in marriage. We believe that when interpreted correctly, the Bible teaches that both men and women are called to serve at all levels of the Church, and that leadership should be based primarily on gifting and not on gender.

The Junia Project blog serves as the primary platform for our volunteer writing team and guests to communicate their understanding of egalitarian theology and to share experiences and reflections on gender equality.


That Pinterest page we talked about is here.



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One thought on “Seminary Dropout 56: Kate Wallace of The Junia Project

  1. Loved the episode.  In my old religious tradition (Mormonism) there is a growing feminist sentiment but too often it adopts secular feminism as its model.  One of the most famous promoters of this is often derided online for not being able to finish a sentence without saying the word “privilege”
    On the other hand this representative of the Junia Project keeps Jesus as #1 and it gave me a lot to think about.  I had never before considered the aspect of an egalitarian Christian wedding so I really appreciate both of you for discussing this.
    Shane, I also loved the disclaimer at the beginning of the episode.  We need more of this even if some Christians may not agree.

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