Seminary Dropout 59: John Stackhouse, Author of ‘Need to Know’

John G. Stackhouse, Jr. is an award-winning scholar and public communicator who has spent years adventurously mapping our complex cultural terrain, identifying both its worthy achievements and its zones of confusion.
He collects research from a wide range of sources, corrects currently popular interpretations, and connects audiences with information and insight they can put immediately into practice. He is therefore a skilled guide in helping us chart a course through the prospects and impasses of modern society. And he does all this with a wit you’ll find surprisingly refreshing in a scholar.

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How should a Christian think? If a serious Christian wants to think seriously about a serious subject–from considering how to vote in the next election to choosing a career; from deciding among scientific theories to selecting a mate; from weighing competing marketing proposals to discerning the best fitness plan–what does he or she do? This basic question is at the heart of a complex discourse: epistemology. -From the publisher.



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