Jesus Is The Cure

Like many people I grew up with one sort of faith and spent my late teens and 20’s evolving that faith into something different. The new faith is not totally unrelated to the first, in fact the core of it remained the same.

I find myself re-examining my opinions on  issues and discerning if those opinions have changed in light of my changed faith. Sometimes my original opinions hold up and I keep them, but sometimes my opinions change.

This is the case, for example, in my opinion of abstinence-only sex education in public schools.

Have my opinions changed about Gods design and desire for sex to be in the context of marriage? Definitely not.

Although some will disagree with me, from what I read and can tell, abstinence-only sex ed in the public school system doesn’t work. There seem to be some exceptions, but the preponderance of evidence seems to show that it’s not very effective.

Now, please don’t get stuck on this if you disagree on this issue, because the merits safe-sex education isn’t the point of this post. So, just to be clear, there’s no reason to leave a comment saying that it’s scum like me who are responsible for the denigration of American society by  promoting orgies for teenagers. Ok?

Here’s what this is about….

I’m proposing that the failure of abstinence-only sex ed in public schools serves to show us something valuable…

Morals – Jesus = Disaster

Public schools can teach the morality of Christianity, but they can’t teach the relationship. They can’t teach the love of a God who’s most perfect representation is that of Jesus on the cross.

Christianity is not simply an adherence to a code of conduct or a set of rules, although some even within the church have effectively made it this. Christianity is being crucified with Christ and following him.

Jesus is the cure for sin. I realize that’s simplistic & that even in Christ we still struggle, but it’s still truth. When we remove him and try to keep the moral correctness, we fail.

It’s like trying to decide that we won’t have a headache anymore instead of taking an aspirin.

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