Seminary Dropout 010: Jeremy Courtney of Preemptive Love Coalition


Welcome to episode 10! We’re in the double digits now.

This week before the interview I start a conversation about some things changing on Seminary Dropout in the next several months and also use the opportunity to announce that “My wife and I are expecting our first child!!!!” We’re very excited and can’t wait to see that little guy/girl.


My guest today happens to be a personal friend of mine. Jeremy Courtney is the Author of Preemptive Love: Pursuing Peace One Heart at a Time coming out in September of 2013 (Update: the book is now out. Go get it!), and is the Executive Director & Co-founder of Preemptive Love Coalition, an international development & peacemaking organization.


Preemptive Love has helped numerous children receive life saving heart surgeries.

PLC_logo_150pxYou can see Jeremy’s TEDxAustin talk here, and his TEDxBaghdad talk here.

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