Seminary Dropout 017: Jamie Wright

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Today’s guest is none other than Jamie Wright. You probably know Jamie from her blog:


On the show Jamie and I discuss…

…short term missions.

…living in Costa Rica & then returning to California.

…her relationship with cursing.

It’s all here, and I have to say, it’s pretty great!

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10 thoughts on “Seminary Dropout 017: Jamie Wright

  1. Great interview with a really great human being.  Jamie brings it to you with intellectual honesty and in a manner that keeps it real. She is the real deal; refreshing and unafraid

  2. “Jerk wad” is NOT an inoffensive substitute for ass!Jerk wad = uh…  um… reference to masturbation!  LOL!

    • That’s news to me. So what you’re saying is that it was me not Jamie who said the most profane thing on the episode.

  3. Ah man, Shane, this was a really great one! I admired her honesty, frankness, and openness to what missions is really like. So glad I listened to it (and, I don’t know what this says about me, but in a moment of extending the honesty, I actually wanted to listen to this interview because you said there’d be cussing. Yeah…).

    • @agreenstories She’s great right?! I can throw in a few cuss words here and there on every show if it’ll get you to listen. 🙂

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