It’s Not Politics, It’s Jesus

I posted this on my personal facebook profile this morning and was surprised how many people connected with it so I thought I’d share it here.

I think some people believe that when I talk about racism, injustice, and the poor, that I’ve drank some liberal kool-aid. I assure you I’m not interested in progressive politics nor do I think hope is found there. Following the popcorn trail of Jesus is the only reason I’ve arrived at any convictions about those issues. It’s not a wandering from Jesus, it’s trying to take him seriously and believing that he meant the things he said. So if someone anti fungal disagrees then they should argue as a conservative or an American but if your arguing as a Christian, make sure you have a leg to stand on first. I’m certainly fallible and not above correction but in the past when I’m rebuked for speaking up it’s often with vague Republican talking points and long held American assumptions that don’t have much to do with Jesus, but are presented as somehow “Christian”.

Also, I assure you that when I speak on other subjects many believe I’ve drank the conservative kool-aid and the same thing happens from the other side. Jesus doesn’t fit inside our party lines.