Interview Coming Soon: Derek Webb

derek webb

It’s short notice I know, but I’m interviewing the one and only Derek Webb on Monday. I usually book guests farther out, but this opportunity to came up and Derek was available on Monday. If you have any questions for Derek, leave them in the comment section.


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4 thoughts on “Interview Coming Soon: Derek Webb

  1. Derek:
    How does your view of the Gospel (and perhaps the great commission) inform the way you make art?

  2. “Nothing is ever Enough”, “What You Want”, “Somewhere North”  I’ve loved these songs for years and I’ve never known what they are specifically about.  If you could ask him about any ONE of these songs and get a sort of ‘VH1: Storytellers’ type explanation from him that would be AWESOME.  Thanks Shane and Derek!!!

  3. Nothing is ever enough is about his leaving Caedmon’s Call and agonizing over it.  When singing, the “she” is the band caedmon’s call.
    I’ve heard its been confirmsed that “What you want” is about Sandra McCracken.
    Somewhere north is about a girl he thought “was someone else” (that what he says when he sings the song live these days).  I assume he means he thought she was going to be his wife which obviously she’s not.  See also: “daring daylight escape” and “love is different”.  They both reference a girl leaving to go somewhere else and the ending of a relationship.

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