I’m Coming Out Of The Pinterest Closet. (Compassion Blog Assignment #3)

My 3rd Compassion International assignment as a part of their blog month, is to promote their Pinterest contest.

This brings me to a confession. One value I hold dear and strive to achieve, is transparency. So in that spirit… I use Pinterest. Have for awhile now. I use Pinterest and I like it. Whew, feels good to be truly known.

In the beginning my wall was filled with bridesmaids in matching dresses, sticking their red Chuck Taylor clad feet out, memes of cats and dogs trying to fit into the same slipper, and “HOW-TOs” with instructions for turning a mason jar and mint green nail polish into a healthy muffin. I had to re-think my life, I decided to unfollow some of my friends anticonvulsant boards (sorry), and started following people I didn’t know. Now, I’m happy to say that my wall is filled with motorcycles, tattoos, and super heroes.

But I digress. This isn’t about my manly pin boards. It’s about Compassion’s Pinterest contest!

This is a great way to spread the word about the life changing, and Great Commission fulfilling, work of Compassion International.Click on the “Pin It!” picture below to get the details and to sign up.

pinterest contest

There ya have it. You can follow my contest board if you want and I’ll follow your’s back. Now go use your Pinterest account for good instead of instructions on turning dish soap and a wooden pallet into an organic antiperspirant.

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7 thoughts on “I’m Coming Out Of The Pinterest Closet. (Compassion Blog Assignment #3)

  1. dude, my pinterest is the girliest freaking thing ever. Scones and soap recipes, that’s it.  Not that I use it, but I’m cleaning out all this girly crap and trying to make it something I’ll actually be interested in.  Lots of unfollowing to do.

    •  @davidpkelly Yeah that’s exactly what happened to me. I followed everyone I was friends with on facebook (predominantly females) and got a bunch of frou frou. If you search for things you like and then follow those boards it’s much more fulfilling. 

  2. Mary B is still mad at me for not following all of her boards. I told her that I didn’t follow all of anyone’s boards, but than she found someone that I did follow all, so that defense failed me. Finally I just had to man up and tell her the truth. I don’t like all of her boards. Some of them are lame.So now we are having bi-monthly house-mate counseling sessions to work on our relationship issues. I think it’s going pretty well, but I don’t listen to all of what she says…

    • she just told me that she snuck onto the computer while my pinterest was up and followed all of her boards… Counseling just got more complicated!!!! How can we be house-mates with these trust issues?!

  3. You got a really useful blog I have been here reading for about an hour. I am a newbie and your success is very much an inspiration for me.

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