Seminary Dropout 027: Greg Boyd on Doubt, Anti-Intellectualism & Open Theism

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GBFor the first episode of Seminary Dropout in the new year I’m starting out with a bucket list interview.

My guest Greg Boyd is a recognized authority on a number of issues like Christian apologetics, open-theism, and non-violence just to name a few. Greg is the  senior pastor of Woodland Hills Church in St. Paul, Minnesota, and runs the website a place for those with questions about Christianity and faith.



Greg’s new book Benefit of the Doubt: Breaking the Idol of Certainty easily made my Top 10 list for 2013. As I wrote in that post:  I honestly thought this was going a be a well written “it’s ok to doubt” books, with some good points. But Boyd was serious when he titled it Benefit of a Doubt. Boyd skillfully breaks down the futility of the psychological trick many employ to have more faith, while exposing the anti-intellectualism that often comes from the belief that doubt is the worst thing the world, and a slippery slope into walking away from faith all together. He shows that having a more skeptical and critical thinking mind is not sinful, but a gift from God and that this natural doubt that comes out of it can serve to deepen our understanding about who God is and actually deepen our faith (wishing there were a less cliche way of saying ‘deepen our faith’)


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7 thoughts on “Seminary Dropout 027: Greg Boyd on Doubt, Anti-Intellectualism & Open Theism

  1. Great interview. I wasn’t familiar with Greg, but I’m glad I am now. It never gets old hearing someone thoughtful talk about faith having come through a less-thinking version of it. (I’m trying to say that nicely, but I don’t know how. I suppose the people I’m insulting don’t care what I think anyway.) 

    Keep up the good work, Shane.

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