Gosnell & Pro-Life Hypocrisy

We’ve probably all heard the repulsive details that have come to light during the trial of Kermit Gosnell, the abortion doctor on trial for murder.

The internet is not in short supply of articles about the case and the abortion debate as a whole. I don’t usually read articles from pro-life news sources like LifeNews.com, not because I don’t agree with what is said, but because of the general hypocrisy inherent in most pro-life publications. However, I was struck by the title and content of this article from LN, “Why Grisly Abortion Practitioner Kermit Gosnell Should be Acquitted.”

It’s a great set up for one of pro-lifers strongest arguments: Why are these acts found SO hideous, SO egregious and deserving of murder charges when they take place outside of the womb, yet, acceptable and permissible when conducted inside the womb?

The logic being -why should we single out this abortion doctor for doing outside the womb, what is done everyday around the country inside the womb.

I agree with this argument. In fact, I think it’s very astute.

However, while pointing out the hypocrisy of abortion advocates, it further points out the pro-life communities own hypocrisy.

The pro-life community rarely shows concern for life outside of the womb; the life on foreign soil, the life of the orphan, and the life of the single mother.

This hypocrisy is further highlighted when the majority of the pro-life messages on twitter are capped with the hashtag “tcot,” short hand for “Top Conservatives On Twitter,” sending the message that if you’re pro-life but on the other side of the aisle then your isolated, we’re not on the same team, I’m more interested in this political philosophy than a consistently advocating for the sanctity of life.

Dear pro-life community, you’re not taken seriously, because you have shown that you don’t even believe in the sanctity of life.

I’ve written a more exhaustive post on this issue in the past. You can read it here:  Roe V Wade, Abortion & A Hypocritical Pro-Life Movement.


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