6 Things about Father Factor


You may have heard around the blogosphere and social media sites that a book called ‘Father Factor’ will be out on October 14th and is available for pre-order now. A friend of mine, Andy Campbell, is the editor and gathered 40 men, including myself, to write essays about fatherhood as a Christian.

Here are 6 important thing you need to know about the book.

1. The excerpts I’ve read are amazing. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll shake your head. You can read the excerpts yourself here, including mine.

2. Until October 20th you can get the book at a 35% discount when ordering from the White Cloud Press website here.

3. White Cloud Press is an independent publisher so buying this book is a great way to support independent publishing.

4. FATHER FACTOR could be a great book for small group study sessions in churches and there’s special discount of 50% is available for small groups ordering in quantities of 10 or more.

5. Some of the authors, including myself, are available for talks and presentations at local bookstores or churches.

6. Some very amazing people have had a few things to say about this book:

In many ways, Father Factor is a work of art, a beautiful collage of humanity and soul, a thoughtful collection of stories detailing the lives, dreams, and fears of America’s fathers. The essays in this book will make you laugh, bring you to tears, and at times, cause you to rethink your approach to parenting. But most of all, Father Factor will fill you with hope. – Matthew Paul Turner, author of “Our Great Big American God”

Sometimes hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking, this tender collection of stories from fathers opened both my eyes and my heart anew. Thank God for men like these! The children will honour them in the gates for this wise, honest, and necessary work. – Sarah Bessey, author of “Jesus Feminist”

These wonderfully readable accounts of father-son relationships are both candid and inspiring, exploring issues that touch many of us in deep ways. But they prod to go even deeper, pointing us to the ways our relationships with our human fathers shape–and all too often distort–our conceptions of the One whom we have been taught to address as “Our Father who art in heaven.” – Richard Mouw, Theologian & Past President, Fuller Theological Seminary

From creating life to enduring death, Father Factor takes us through the tumultuous, often humorous, sometimes heartbreaking journey of fatherhood and faith. This is not a how-to manual; there are no lists of right and wrong, no simple strategies, no easy plans for becoming the perfect Dad. Instead, through this rich array of personal stories from fathering and being fathered, readers will feel inspired and challenged to examine their unique role as a parent, partner, and adult child as this book throws open wide windows for grace, forgiveness, and a Father’s love. – Jamie Wright, Author/Blogger of theveryworstmissionary.com

This book inspired me to pray for fathers, encourage fathers and believe in the important work of fathering! Pulling from culturally diverse and compelling experiences, Father Factor gives voice to the strong men of faith who are shaped the Father’s love. This collection of inspiring stories affirms the various routes that fatherhood can take and shows that regardless of history or cultural context, men of faith can be powerful and vulnerable fathers. A true eye opener to the complexities and beauty of fatherhood. – Christena Cleveland, author of Disunity in Christ