Seminary Dropout 43: David Leo Schultz, Director & Producer of ‘Ragamuffin’


David Leo Schultz has had a little bit of experience in show business, even worked with heavy weights like Chevy Chase. Lucky for us David is also a fan of the music and life of Rich Mullins, so much so that he approached Dave Mullins (Rich’s brother) about making a movie about Rich’s life. David talks about that interesting first meeting with Dave, how he originally got shot down, but then was invited for a car ride. David later found out that unbeknownst to him the fate of the entire movie hinged on that car ride. The rest is history.

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I won’t go into the movie too much in these show notes, I already wrote a review and plus, you need to hear all of the details from David himself in the podcast.

If you’re interested in the Ragamuffin Retreats we mentioned in the podcast, you can find out more info here.


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7 thoughts on “Seminary Dropout 43: David Leo Schultz, Director & Producer of ‘Ragamuffin’

  1. Subscribed and reviewed! This was great; thanks Schultzie and Shane for putting it together! Looking forward to other episodes as well! (Yes, finding out about your podcast works exactly like you described! LOL!)

  2. AmyKeith Welcome! I’m glad to have you as a listener. So far you’ve got this Ragamuffin DVD on lock down.

  3. I love your podcasts, Shane but you already know that.  So looking forward to catching this movie.

  4. Subscribed & reviewed. I want that DVD!  Thanks for a great podcast- just discovered it last week and am loving it.

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