Seminary Dropout 79: Dave Wilkie of Coffee with Jesus

daveIf you’ve been apart of Christian culture for long enough you’ve probably suffered the indignity of a ‘christian comic strip’; heavy-handed, ham-fisted, and most of all not funny. Dave Wilkie the creator of Coffee With Jesus is here to help. The comic manages to juggle cultural critique, poignancy, and oh yeah, it’s super funny.

You can find new strips weekly on Radio Babylon’s Facebook Page.

A Second Shot of Coffee with Jesus, a paperback collection of the strips, was also just released in paperback form. Enter here to win a copy! 


Things discussed on the show…

  • …how CwJ started as just a one-off cartoon and what made Dave want to make antibiotics that first strip
  • …what made Dave decide to do more after that one-off strip
  • …Dave’s background in illustration
  • …the thought process in deciding to give the characters a backstory
  • …why the characters got backstories
  • …the responsibility in having Jesus say things in the strip


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2 thoughts on “Seminary Dropout 79: Dave Wilkie of Coffee with Jesus

  1. “Coffee With Jesus” makes even Jesus laugh, I know. 

    Thanks for the interview shane. I shared it with “Calvary Cyclists” (my church bicycling group).

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