Seminary Dropout 024: Danielle Shroyer

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My guest today is Danielle Shroyer. Ever since I started this podcast, everyone once in a while daniellesomeone would say “You should really think about interviewing Danielle Shroyer!” I needed no convincing. I attended a conference in 2007 in which Danielle was a panelist and I never forgot her brilliance and wisdom.

Danielle speaks often on issues of theology, church leadership and emerging communities of faith. She is part of Journey Church in Dallas, where she served as Pastor for 8 years. Danielle lives with her husband and two children in Dallas, Texas.



Danielle joins me on the show to talk about her faith growing up, and her pastoral experiences. In 2010 Danielle published a book The Boundary-Breaking God.






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4 thoughts on “Seminary Dropout 024: Danielle Shroyer

  1. Great interview Shane. I liked hearing Danielle’s story and how she found her way to Journey Church although that was not what she planned on doing. God always seems to have something different for us than what we think.

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