Seminary Dropout 020: Cliff Ravenscraft

Cliff Ravenscraft

Cliff Ravenscraft, is founder of the Generally Speaking Production Network. Podcasting since 2005, Cliff has turned a hobby into his full time business. He has produced hundreds of podcast episodes on topics ranging from Entertainment, Technology, Faith, and Family.

On this episode of  Seminary Dropout, Cliff comes on the show to talk about living out faith in a secular vocation, the church, and ABC’s hit TV show LOST.

You can find out more about Cliff at GSPN.TV

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2 thoughts on “Seminary Dropout 020: Cliff Ravenscraft

  1. I have been listening to Cliff for 2-3 years now. In fact, his videos were invaluable when I launched my own podcast a few months back. I have a great deal of respect for him, and enjoyed hearing more background about him…including things I was previously aware of. I also went back and listened to the Steve Brown episode yesterday (I have also been listening to Steve Brown Etc for a couple years now). All that said, I share some of your concerns about Cliff’s withdrawal from church. I hope he can find a good church someday that works for him. I think both he and they stand to benefit from his participation. I believe in the value of quality input in a context of community, some level of accountability and the value of practical service. But I can’t judge him. I know many have been wounded by the church and it sounds like he had good reason to recoil, at least for a time. I’ve even had past experiences which caused me to withdraw for a time as well. Good interview…enjoyed it!

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