Seminary Dropout 89: Carolyn Custis James, Author of Malestrom: Manhood Swept Into the Currents of a Changing World


Carolyn Custis James. Carolyn is a national and international conference speaker for churches, colleges, seminaries and other Christian organizations. Her writings bring a fresh perspective to the study of God’s Word and communicate a powerfully relevant message for women and men today.

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Malestrom builds on and expands previous books by Carolyn Custis James to explore the idea of manhood, a growing issue both in the wider culture and in the church. Until now, the entire discussion has been largely reduced to Western conceptions. Instead, James here shows how our culture’s narrow definitions of manhood are upended when we consider the examples of men in the Bible and Jesus’ gospel. Together, they show a whole new Kingdom way of being male and forging men and women into the Blessed Alliance. -From the Publisher

Some things discussed on the show…

…what the Creation narrative shows us about patriarchy.

…the link between males and violence that largely seems to be caused by our image of manhood and pride.

…the traditional marks of manhood: reproducing, providing, and protecting.

…how God’s call on the life of Abraham challenged patriarchy.

…the impact of the father son relationship having a lot to do with the state of patriarchy.

…the story of Deborah the military leader as an example of a powerful woman in the bible, and what significance does she has.

…how patriarchy marginalizes men too.

…some things that women and men can do to subvert patriarchy or push back against it.

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