‘Calling Out’ or Cannibals

Blog posts generally follow a basic format…


[Confessional Story]

[Witty Joke]

[How Blogger Works Through Problem & You Can Too]

Sure some are more creative about it than others, but more times than not all of those elements are there.

But not today folks.

I’m afraid that today I’m the one asking you to tell me how you work through a problem, because I’ve wrestled with this one for a while.

[Problem]photo (10)

Christianity includes a wide range of thoughts and ideas. Yeah there are some core beliefs that we all hold too, but from James Dobson to Al Sharpton, to John Piper to Greg Boyd, we’re all over the place.

Some of these people I vehemently disagree with on SO many issues. In fact I think some of the theology that fellow believers teach and espouse is harmful, dangerous, and does not look anything like Jesus on the cross.

Whenever I hear these theologies on twitter, facebook or a podcast, my first reaction is go into damage control,  to confront the injustice, call it out. Part of me also wants the outside world to know – ‘That’s not who Christ really is, these people are bad representations of a disciple!’

But I wonder, how can I do that without being apart of the same problem I’m trying to fix. If I’m afraid that the outside world will erroneously say “Christians believe X” then would it not be just as bad or worse if the outside world correctly said “Christians constantly attack each other, they’re cannibals.”

[How to Work Through the Problem]

What say you? I have a few thoughts, but like I said, I’m still wrestling with this.

Leave your thoughts in the comment section. I think I may come back to this later in the week after I’ve heard what everyone has to say.


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