By Fighting Against Legal Gay Marriage Are We Just Worshiping The State?

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With all of the frenzy surrounding the Supreme Court’s deliberating over The Defense of Marriage Act in what I’m calling “Unsolicited Opinion about Gay Marriage Week,” I went back and forth about whether or not to write a comprehensive post, or series of posts, on the subject. At this point I’m deciding to hold off on that.

I do want to offer one thought.

I can’t help but think that the anger, fear and contempt coming from many Christians this week, stems from finding our identity in the state rather than Christ.

Hear me out, it’s really not a stretch at all.

Homosexual couples already exist and the government can’t and shouldn’t have any say in that. They want the right to marry.  The arguments against gay marriage are adorned with references to the Bible, but really the Bible only addresses the act. In no way does it address the state recognizing the union of same-sex couples. When you get right down to it, the basic argument of those who oppose gay marriage is: They shouldn’t be able to have what I have -an official recognition from the state.

This leads me to believe that many Christians are basing the legitimacy of their marriage on the fact that they received a certificate from the government.

The truth of Christian doctrine is that God ordains marriage, not the state.

Once, when talking to a friend who had recently gotten married, he told me that he and his wife went to a Justice of the Peace to get married before the state, and then, a few days later, on a cruise with their friends and family, they were married before God. I thought that was beautiful, they recognized that for practical purposes it would be beneficial to receive a certificate from the government, but only God could truly ordain their marriage -which leads me to my point. Whatever you believe God thinks about homosexuality, the government issuing a piece of paper doesn’t change that.

Is your marriage legitimate because the government says so, or because God says so?

Like I said, I truly think that all of this anger, fear, and contempt is rooted in the fact that we find more identity in the government than Jesus.

That’s what happens when you worship a Jesus with a  flag draped over him. You just wind up worshiping the flag.

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