Another Pretty Big Book Giveaway! (over)

Update 2: It turns out that the first winner lives in Switzerland (How cool is that?!?), and after calculating the astronomical shipping costs to send 10 books he offered to let me draw another winner. Thanks for being a good sport Ralph and I’ll put a Seminary Dropout T-shirt in the mail for you soon.

So after drawing again, the final winner of the contest is: Sam Blair!


Just like last time.

As a podcaster and blogger I receive TONS of books in the mail. Most are review copies I’ve requested for possible interviews, and some are just books publishers are promoting. Also, as a podcaster and blogger, I have a small house, and those books are taking over. Thus, it’s contest time. I’m not saying it’s a ginormous book giveaway, but it’s a pretty big book giveaway. These are quality books too. Some are new, some are old and a few have some markings and illegible notes in them I made while reading. I wish I could keep them all but ya know, the small house thing.

One lucky winner will received all 10 books shown below!

To enter simply subscribe to Seminary Dropout in iTunes, and leave a comment, any comment, in the comments section below. Remember, you must subscribe to Seminary Dropout in iTunes AND leave a comment. I thought about requiring a screen shot showing your subscription, but that’s too much work so subscribing is on the honor system. Yes, you could cheat the system to win a bunch of books about Jesus, but… seriously?!

Ok good luck! Entries will be accepted until Tuesday December 16th at midnight. I’ll announce the winner here the next day.IMG_0078.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

27 thoughts on “Another Pretty Big Book Giveaway! (over)

  1. MattPiskorz post as guest? It’s not showing you as guest now. If you win I’ll gladly donate them to a library. Great idea!

  2. Looks good. I’m in. Been enjoying catching up on back episodes. Hope to get up to current faster than you put them out, since the subscription downloads as they come out. Keep it up!

  3. Ralph Rickenbach Congratulations Ralph, you’re the winner. Email me your address and I’ll drop your books in the mail!

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