A Request For Your Input & An Update.

I just want to give an update on some things going on with the blog & podcast and then ask for your input.

My plan as of now is to launch the podcast on the 26th of this month. I’ve thought a lot (probably too much) about what the podcast should be called and I’ve settled on “Seminary Dropout.”

A new episode will be published every two weeks on Mondays. On weeks where there is no podcast episode, I’ll do a regular blog post. So every Monday there should either be a blog post or a podcast. There may also be some follow up posts in between.

I’m planning on launching the podcast by posting 3 episodes at once! As I’ve said before, each episode will be an interview with a Christian author, blogger, theologian, or leader. I want your help to decide what 3 episodes to publish first. Here are the episodes, I’ve either already recorded, or will record before the launch date:

Roger Olson

J.R. Woodward

Tony Kriz

Shane Claiborne

Mary Demuth

Tony Campolo

Tell me in the comment section which 3 episodes you want to hear first.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

2 thoughts on “A Request For Your Input & An Update.

  1. I would say JR and then Mary Demuth I would like to hear…the rest are all in the same boat as far as my interest…It would be good to include more women for us women listening…thanks for the update, hope the input helps!!

    • @AreRjr it does help! I definitely want to have more women, but they’ve turned me down more often than the men. Let me know if there are any specific women you’d like to hear.

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