A Prayer for Vilson

In my previous post I introduced you to Supriya from India, and Vilson in Haiti. Recently my wife Kate and I received contact from Compassion concerning Vilson, detailing the following:

  • Tropical Storm Isaac caused flash floods and landslides in Haiti
  • There have been no reports of lives lost among Compassion children, however many of them & their families have lost belongings, & homes
  • The potential for cholera has increased because of the flooding
  • If Vilson was directly affected Compassion will contact us as soon as possible

With this in mind. I’d like to use today’s post to pray for Vilson and others in Haiti, and I invite you to do so with me.


Knowing that devestation and destruction are not apart of your character, we pray against it.
We ask that you bring reconciliation throughout creation.

For Vilson, his family, and those throughout Haiti, we ask for protection for the their physical bodies, that they would be unharmed, that their immune systems would be strong and able to fight off disease and sickness.
Provide for all of their needs: food, clean water, sanitary conditions, and shelter.

For their emotional and spiritual well-beings, please give them strength, mercy, and comfort, let them feel your presence amongst them in a very tangible way.

Be a rescuer, and a refuge.