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6 thoughts on “A Letter From Supriya

  1. So sweet and I love how ambitious she is. Also love her little flowers everywhere. 🙂 What part of India is she in? I sponsor a boy near the city of Patna which is East India.

    •  @HeartsOverflow You know I can’t remember exactly what city she’s in. I’ve got it written down somewhere around here, but my documents are all in a mess right now. Yes, she is extremely ambitious. What’s your sponsor child’s name?

  2. His name is Manish Kumar Das and he’s 9. His letters are so sweet and he seems so sensitive; he always draws flowers too. 🙂 His center is called Phoolwari CDC if you do come across where Supriya is. The odds are crazy but how cool would that be if they were at the same center? 😛

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