Seminary Dropout 81: Scott Sauls, Author of ‘Jesus Outside the Lines’



Scott Sauls serves as senior pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee. Scott’s planted churches, lived in the big city (NYC), and speaks at church conferences and retreats.

affiliate linkIn his first book Jesus Outside the Lines, Scott dissects the issues that keep us apart and points out that Jesus almost never fits within the lines of either side the culture wars. He cuts through the caricatures we often use to dehumanize each other and shows how each side of many issues has some valid concerns but ultimately each tend to neglect some part of the Gospel message.

Some things we talk about on the show…

…the concept of “outrage porn”.

…the role of social media in our divisions.

…loving people and extending kindness to those with whom you disagree.

…Scotts story of a fellow pastor he worked alongside and agreed on almost nothing.

…Jesus’s strong words for the Pharisees.


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